SecureNotes is the perfect place to store your notes. We encrypt your data with AES-256 to ensure absolute privacy! There's no need to signup, just type a username and password above and start typing!

16 users, 29 notes, 38.5 Kilobytes

  • AES 256-bit (CBC)
  • Hashed usernames (SHA-256)
  • Passwords aren't stored anywhere[1]
  • Unlimited notes
  • Unlimited[2] space
  • Shredder: corrupts, overwrites and deletes your note instantly
  • No cookies, no sessions, no tracking
  • Zero Knowledge of your data
  • Public API
[1]Except in a hashed (SHA-256) form as a JS variable, used for encryption and decryption of notes.
[2]Max. 4294967295 bytes per note.

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